We at KTSPL have woven services into a process that produces recognised improvements in efficiency and profitability! We have integrated our systems and process for quality and standardisation with technologies and client’s requirement in each distribution facility guaranteeing exceptional service throughout. Our focus on process, technology and customisation of services allows us to improve clients supply chain.  In the result we achieve reduced costs, improved visibility in services, greater inventory accuracy and more flexibility to support clients changing needs.

Beginning with the planning process and extending throughout supply chain, KTSPL creates and executes solutions that lower costs, raise service levels and enhance ability to compete. KTSPL's Supply Chain process combines all the elements of Plan, Source, Make, Hold, and Move into an integrated solution tailored to suit every business need.

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3PL (Third Party Logistics) Services

We offer complete 3PL (Third-party logistics) services (commonly referred as C&F Agency in India). Various processes come into play in 3PL Services from Warehousing, Fulfilment, Transportation Solutions and Logistics Consultancy. KTSPL able to provide 3PL Services at highly competitive rates on various pricing models. This enables you to concentrate on your core business, which will surely improve your business performance, and save costs that might be spent between each process. Enjoy a customized combination of warehouse management, operations and distribution system that best suits your needs, a service backed up by advanced technologies but at reasonable charges.

We can provide innovative 3PL services thanks to our advanced information systems and our efforts on standardising operations through our information systems and a review of operation processes. These innovative 3PL services can locate wasteful processes, and find and remove the cause, which enhances the quality of logistics services.


Today organisations realize the importance that the practice of "staying close to the customer" requires that their products (and services) also be close to the customer. A warehouse is the last touch point before a product reach customer. The warehouse should be at place that is most suitable and convenient for the operations to gain a competitive advantage.

KTSPL can provide a high-calibre cost-effective logistics system that tailors services like procurement of warehouses and staffing to your specific requirements for the delivered quantity or destinations, operate WMS, handle inbound and outbound inventory, schedule and coordinate the routing of products, can adapt to meet all customer requirements and perform a myriad of value-added services. Let us handle the logistics side of your business while you focus on your core competence. Leave the rest to us!


The transport industry is unorganised in North India because of geographical conditions and highly fragmented with too many players. After understanding the strengths of various players, transportation models and with help of our own and associated fleet of vehicles, we developed Transportation model for convenient distribution. You can count on us to choose the best delivery system tailored to your needs. We enable you to choose the optimum means and route of delivery to reduce delivery costs, deliver the goods safely, in assured and guaranteed time.

Value-added Services

As a 3PL provider, we provide value-added Services, which are based on specific needs of organizations - services that simplify your organization processes and enhance customer satisfaction. These services include order processing, Billing, Storing, Handling, Inspection, Repackaging, Transportation and Customer Complaint Handling.

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